Appearance and character

Does the appearance play a big role for you? Or still do you suppose that a book can’t be judged by its cover? Are there such traits of character that you can't endure? What traits in person’s character you like most of all?

When we talk about face, legs, man’s figure, we talk about his appearance. What kinds of features can be? There are three main face types - square, round and oval. The most attractive type is considered to be an oval one. People can be plump, skinny, fat, and of average weight.

When we talk about a person's character, appearance always pales into insignificance. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how beautiful the man outwardly is, his character is the main indicator of the real beauty. Frankly speaking, nobody likes a greedy, tactless, rude and ill-natured person. It's quite another matter to communicate with a nice, amiable, generous and good-hearted man.

Personally I am a girl of a character. I can be both cheerful and easy-going and at the same time thoughtful and reserved. It means that my mood is always changing, but still positive character traits still prevail. Speaking about my appearance, I'm very elegant. I don’t have a gram of excess weight. My friends say that my charm is irresistible. But I don’t focus too much on outer beauty. Inner beauty is much more important.